Leybold Vacuum Pump Oils

LVO Oil is classified as one of the most important parts of the operating procedure

LEYBOLD Oil is in-house engineered to ensure:
 airtight lubrication  chemical stability  tested oxidation  heat tolerance.

What make Leybold Oil so special?

 Uptime and reliability

Our high-quality oil help you get a high performance out of our pump. They also reduce wear and tear, extending the overall lifetime of your vacuum pump. You can keep your mind on your production process, LEYBONOL will take care of your vacuum pump.

 Reduced maintenance costs

Opting for high-grade oil can also lead to reduced power consumption in the pump, ultimately resulting in cost savings on your operational expenses. LEYBONOL’s exceptional quality, directly impacts both the frequency of oil changes and the wear and tear experienced by your pump's components.

 Industry-leading quality

LEYBONOL is compliant with REACH, DSL, NDSL, GHS and many other regulations. But we go beyond these standards to provide you with a safe and effective vacuum pump oil. All our oil are subject to frequent and rigorous testing to ensure each batch is consistent and provides the same outstanding vacuum performance.

What kind of oil does a vacuum pump use?

LEYBONOL provides you with 5 different vacuum pump oil types, each of which has its own specialties and optimal performing environments, so you have a reliable vacuum pump oil for every application.

So, how do I know which oil is right for my pump?

Selecting the right oil depends on your application and pump technology.

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