INDUSTRIAL Dry Vacuum Pumps



Industrial vacuum pumps for the rough vacuum industry
The CLAWVAC series of oil-free industrial dry vacuum pumps have a corrosion-resistant pump chamber and stainless-steel claws. This makes them extremely robust, especially for challenging applications which include handling of particles and vapor-contaminated gases. The CLAWVAC dry vacuum pumps are simple to use, easy to clean onsite and have efficient air cooling that let’s our customers experience a trouble-free and cost-saving operation.

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CLAWVAC can replace your liquid ring vacuum pump
Thanks to its unique design, CLAWVAC combined with the right Leybold accessories can replace a liquid ring vacuum pump in many processes.

User advantages

  • No oil contamination
  • Simple and easy to clean on-site
  • No cooling water required
  • Extremely efficient air cooling, low heat emission
  • Corrosion-resistant pump chamber and stainless-steel claws
  • Energy saving by operation with variable speed drive